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Psychedelic tourism is a unique experience that goes beyond traditional travel

Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Unveil the Mysteries of Pachuca, Embrace the Spirit of Real de Catorce, and Explore  the Heartbeat of Mexico City

19 February

Pachuca, Hidalgo

🌅 Welcome to Aeropuerto de Santa Lucía. Let the adventure begin!

🍳 Breakfast in a typical Mexican home. Taste the authentic flavors of the region.

🏛️ Tour of Teotihuacán. Walk among the largest pyramids of Mesoamerica.

🌃 Stay in Pachuca. Rest in the heart of history.

🍽️ Dinner at an exotic cuisine restaurant. A culinary journey awaits.

21 February

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí

🌤️ Early arrival in Matehuala. A new day, a new discovery.

🥐 Breakfast on the road. Enjoy a bite amidst beautiful landscapes.

🍶 Visit to an Artisanal Mezcal Factory. Taste the nectar of the gods.

🎉 Traditional banquet in the market. 126 years of flavor await you.

🏨 Check-in. Relax and recharge.


23 February

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí

🌄 Breakfast with a Wixarica family. Immerse in local culture and traditions.

🚙 Midday departure to Real de Catorce. The heart of your journey awaits.

🚜 Climb aboard the Willys. Traverse breathtaking landscapes.

🛏️ Check-in. Unwind in a world of comfort.

🕒 Free afternoon. Explore at your leisure.

25 February

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí

🎥 Visit movie locations. Walk in the footsteps of stars.

🍽️ Lunch. Indulge in culinary delights.

🚌 Departure to Matehuala – CDMX. Farewell to a magical journey.

27 February

Ciudad de Mexico

🌅 Breakfast. Savor the morning flavors.

🧳 Check-out. Gather your memories and belongings.

✈️ Transfer to CDMX airport. Farewell, until next time!

20 February

Pachuca, Hidalgo

🌞 Check-out and breakfast. Fuel up for an exciting day.

🚗 First stop: "San Miguel Regla" Magic Town. Discover the charm of tradition.

🌄 Visit to Los Prismas Basálticos. Marvel at Mexico's natural wonders.

🍲 Lunch at an artisanal restaurant. Savor the local delicacies.

🚌 Departure to Matehuala. Onward to new adventures!

22 February

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí

🍳 Breakfast and check-out. Get ready for a day of exploration.

🚂 Visit to Estación 14. Step back in time to 1888.

🥪 Breakfast at Frontera. A quick bite before the journey continues.

📸 Estación 14: Walk, Click, and Smile. Capture memories to last a lifetime.

🌌 Overnight at "La Casa del Venado" in the Wirikuta desert. Under the stars, connect with nature.

💤 Rest and rejuvenation.

24 February

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí

🥞 Breakfast at La Porfiriana. Start your day with local flavors.

👻 Visit the Ghost Town. Unravel the mysteries of the past.

🚇 Explore the Ogarrio Tunnel. A gateway to history.

🌆 Free evening. Discover the town's hidden gems.

🧳 Check out. Prepare for the next chapter.

26 February

Ciudad de Mexico

🌇 Arrival in CDMX. Welcome to the vibrant heart of Mexico.

🏨 Hotel accommodation. A cozy retreat in the bustling city.

🍳 Breakfast. Energize for a day of exploration.

🚣 Cuemanco boat tour. Glide through ancient waterways.

🍴 Lunch at Fonda 99.99. A taste of Mexico's finest.

🛍️ Visit to La Ciudadela. Shop and explore local crafts.

🌮 Dinner at JUAN BISTECES. End your day with the perfect taco.

Embark on a Journey Within: Discover the Transformative Power of Psychedelic Tourism

In this exciting journey, travelers explore not only geographical destinations but also the recesses of their own mind and consciousness. Through activities such as ayahuasca retreats, magic mushroom ceremonies, and other consciousness-expanding approaches, psychedelic tourism offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in an inner world of self-discovery and healing.

These trips allow participants to explore their spirituality, confront their fears, and connect with nature and cultural traditions that have used plants and psychedelic substances for centuries. It's not conventional tourism, but a quest for meaning, transformation, and connection with oneself and the universe.

Locations for psychedelic tourism are often natural and spiritual places, where scenic beauty and ancestral energy combine to provide a conducive environment for introspection and personal growth. These journeys are guided by spiritual and shamanic leaders who oversee the participants' psychedelic experiences and assist them in navigating the profound aspects of their inner journey.

Psychedelic tourism is not for everyone, as it involves exploring altered states of consciousness that can be intense and challenging. However, for those seeking a transformative and healing experience, it can be an opportunity to open doors to consciousness and spirituality, and to embrace a deeper connection with the world around them. It's an adventure of self-discovery that challenges conventional perceptions of tourism and opens new doors to the mind and spirit.

PUEBLO MAGICO_edited.png

Beyond Boundaries: Experience Spiritual Awakening in Exotic Locales with Psychedelic Tourism

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Real de Catorce desert, Mexico. This journey will take you to discover a unique blend of culture, mysticism, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes that will leave you in awe.

You'll begin your adventure by delving into the rich culture of the region, learning about the sacred plants that have played a fundamental role in the history of its inhabitants. You'll discover the secrets of their mezcal making, an ancestral drink passed down through generations.

Stroll through a typical Mexican market, filled with colors and flavors that will awaken your senses. Discover the essence of local cuisine by tasting tacos de cabuches, bolin, patlache, and the famous asado de boda, a delicious culinary tradition.

Next, you'll explore the unique geography and orography of Real de Catorce. Climb aboard the famous Willys, classic vehicles that will take you through stunning landscapes. Learn about the mysterious train "La Bestia" and venture into an area protected by the Wixarikas, where you'll camp and live with a local family, learning about their way of life and ancestral traditions.

Real de Catorce is a town that seems frozen in time, a place that has served as the setting for numerous movies, and you'll feel like you're living a dream as you walk its streets. Upon reaching the famous Catorce station, you'll have the opportunity to take a memorable photo.

After a day full of exploration, rest in a five-star hotel that occupies remnants of the Porfiriato era, providing you with a luxurious experience amidst historical beauty.

Real de Catorce is a destination that defies reality. Known as a "ghost town," it emanates a strange beauty. Intact streets, buildings in ruins, and cacti sprouting between doors create a unique atmosphere. Despite its deserted appearance, a small community resides in Real de Catorce, maintaining their traditions and a lifestyle that refuses to enter the modern era.

Discover why adventurous travelers from all over the world fall in love with this place. Real de Catorce is a space with a special soul, a cosmic stage where ceremonial singing will connect you with the places and energies of the region. What are you waiting for? Dive into this unique and transcendental experience in Real de Catorce and discover a world that will change you forever.


Discover the Wonders of Mexico City: From Ancient Pyramids to Vibrant Canals

Step into a world where history and modernity intertwine in the heart of Mexico City. Begin your journey with a visit to the awe-inspiring Pyramid of the Sun, nestled in the ancient city of Teotihuacán. Standing as one of the top ten tallest pyramids in the world, this architectural marvel reaches a height of 66 meters and spans a base width of 232 meters. Founded between 100-200 AD, the Pyramid of the Sun is not just a testament to the ingenuity of the Teotihuacán civilization but also a gateway to the mysteries of the past.

As you delve into the depths of history, let the Pyramid of the Sun captivate your imagination. Picture the bustling life that once thrived in this ancient city, as you stand atop one of the grandest constructions of the Americas. Feel the echoes of a civilization that mastered the art of building, leaving behind a legacy that has stood the test of time.

From the ancient stones of Teotihuacán, journey to the vibrant and colorful canals of Xochimilco. Here, in the southern reaches of Mexico City, you'll find the last remnants of the extensive water transport system created by the Aztecs. Board a brightly painted gondola and glide through the lively waters where the past meets the present. As you float along, you'll encounter boats filled with food vendors, artisans, and mariachi bands, creating a festive atmosphere that is especially vibrant on weekends.

Xochimilco is not just a place of celebration but also of mystery. Among its many attractions is the eerie Isla de las Muñecas, or the Island of the Dolls. Legend has it that this island is haunted, adding a thrilling twist to your adventure. As you explore this unique destination, you'll be immersed in a tapestry of stories and legends, making your visit to Mexico City an unforgettable blend of history, culture, and folklore.

In Mexico City, every corner tells a story, and every experience is a chapter in the rich tapestry of this magnificent land. From the towering Pyramid of the Sun to the lively canals of Xochimilco, your journey through this city will be a captivating tale of discovery and wonder.


A Journey Through Time and Nature's Marvels

Embark on a historical and natural exploration in Pachuca, where the past and the present merge in a breathtaking landscape. Your journey begins in the enchanting "Pueblo Mágico" of San Miguel Regla, a place where every cobblestone street and colonial building whispers tales of yesteryears. This magical town, steeped in history, offers a glimpse into a bygone era, inviting you to wander through its charming streets and immerse yourself in its timeless allure.

The highlight of your Pachuca adventure is undoubtedly a visit to the stunning Prismas Basálticos, Mexico's natural wonder that stands as a testament to the Earth's geological wonders. These towering basaltic columns, carved by the hands of nature, are a rare sight, found in only two countries worldwide. As you stand amidst these majestic formations, you'll be captivated by the sheer beauty and the intriguing science behind their creation. The Prismas Basálticos are not just a feast for the eyes but also a journey into the heart of our planet's geological history.

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